Lesley Zoromski

Lesley Zoromski

Dramatic Acrylic Painting of Chihuahua Mix Breed

Acrylic painting of chihuahua mix breed dog
Dramatic Painting of Chihuahua Dog

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I love this dramatic painting of this Chihuahua mix breed dog in acrylic paint.  Only 4 colors of paint created a variety of shades and tints to capture this moody piece.  The geometric marks in the background add interest and contrast to the beautiful organic shape of the dog.  What could be going on in her little mind?  No doubt if she is a typical dog, her owner is probably having a snack and little Minx is wondering – “is there any for me?”  This piece was painted on 9 x 12 stretched cotton canvas.

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  1. The painting is absolutely gorgeous!! You really captured the true “essence” of Minx. I couldn’t be happier!!

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