What style do you like? There are several styles and sizes for you to choose.  Just browse through the “Gallery” or “Latest Art” section to see if there is an example of a style you like.  I work in 4 mediums: pencil & watercolor, graphite, pastel and oil on canvas.

Color pencil /watecolor on Strathmore art paper-$575

Color pencil /watecolor on Strathmore art paper-$575


See Steps for Commissioning a Portrait at the bottom of the page.

Gift Cards are available ~A great option if you don’t have a month in advance to arrange the photo.  Or, if you want the recipient to choose the photo they would like to use and get involved in the process.  The cards show a piece of art framed in black.  Inside the card, a personal handwritten message written in gold by the artist to the recipient.

Example of card and envelope

Example of card and envelope







Below are examples of some of my work with sample pricing.

Colored Pencil & Watercolor Paintings~ $575


Pug done in color pencil/watercolor paint $575

Pug done in color pencil/watercolor paint
$575 “click” for close up view!

Bubbles the Pug,  is an example of the colored pencil & watercolor combination which have been very popular and a best seller.   Images are made to fit either an 11″x14″ or a 16″x20″  frame.


Pastel Paintings ~ $425- $675

Pastel paintings are a great way way to go whether is a full scene or not,  bright colors or more subdued.  Take a look at “Blanca in the Garden ” below for an example of a full color scene.  “Rescued Rottweilers” and “Ruby After the Swim” the retriever are also examples of pastel paintings with minimal background and more subdued in background color.

Rescued Rottweilers  11"x16"   $600

Rescued Rottweilers 11″x16″ $600

Blanca in the Garden

“Blanca in the Garden”  One subject with minimal landscape 9″x12″ $525


Vizsla in pastel commissioned portrait

Head shot of one animal 9″x12″ $425 “Ruby After the Swim”









Graphite Drawings ~ $375 – $525

Graphite paintings have a classic look in shades of dark and light – a great option for any dog.   See ” Charley” and “New Friends” and “Sammy” below for examples. 

Charley in graphite 14″x11″ $375


vizlsa dog art, golden retriever art

New Friends in graphite 1o”x 15” $495



Sammy 14″x11″ custom $525














Oil Paintings ~ $450 – and up

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy

If you like bright and bold paintings, oil is a great way to go.  Plus, oil on canvas doesn’t require framing.  Below a Bernese Mountain Puppy is a great example.  Oil painting can be customized for any size and no. of animals!

Steps for Commissioning a Portrait

Step 1 ~ Contact me by phone 707-765-9383 or email lesley@dogsindetail.com to share some basic information. It generally takes a month to complete a commission.
Step 2 ~ We’ll need a photo of your dog.  You probably already have a great one to use.
Step 3 ~ Pick a style (watercolor/color pencil, pastel,  graphite or oil) and size, and we’re ready to go!  Your finished piece will be delivered to you and ready for framing.

(10% of every commissioned piece of art helps an animal in need – I donate to several animal rescue groups…thank you for helping me help our friends!)