Lesley Zoromski

Lesley Zoromski

Dalmatian Mix Breed Beauty in Color Pencil and Watercolor Paint

Dalmation mix breed dog in color pencil watercolor paint

(Click Art to Enlarge)

November 2016 I was contacted by a lady in North Carolina wanting to commission a surprise portrait for a friend.  She originally met her friend, Eric, at a dog park with this companion dog, Katie.  My customer, Gail. could see how strong the bond was between Katie and Eric and wanted to give them a special gift.  You can tell by the expression that Katie is a sweet, sensitive soul.  Below is the response from the Katie’s’ owner, Eric.  He sent this kind message following the portrait from Gail.  It is so nice to be a part of such heart felt gifts.

“This past Christmas I received as a gift from my best friend Gail, a commissioned  portrait of my other best friend Katie. You captured her sweet peaceful face PERFECTLY. Her portrait is hanging above the mantel in my Great Room. Thank you so much for your beautiful work and for sharing your artistic gifts with others. I just went to your website and was so pleased to see my Katie in your picture gallery. She truly looks exactly as you drew her. Thank you again for your wonderful talent and for rendering Katie’s unique qualities so beautifully.”

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