Lesley Zoromski

Lesley Zoromski

A Color Pencil Portrait of Dachshund Snuggling in Blankets

dachshund snuggling in blankets custom portrait
Thumbi - Color pencil/watercolor painting of dachshund snuggling

(Click Art to Enlarge)

This color pencil portrait is different than my typical  pieces as you can see.  The owner really wanted to remember the sweet look in her mini dachshund’s eyes at this particular moment as she snuggled in the blankets.   Apparently, Thumblina was as sweet as she looks!

“Lesley,  I can not thank you enough! It is so perfect in many ways. David and I both cried at our first look. You are amazing.   Thumbi is now home, and will be with us forever❤️”  God Bless, David and Jan

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