Lesley Zoromski

Lesley Zoromski

Ms. Charley, a Havenese in Color Pencil Dog Portrait

color pencil commissions of dogs
Ms. Charlie - Beautiful little havanese dog. Commissioned in color pencil/watercolor paint

(Click Art to Enlarge)

The commissioning of this portrait and the timing for completion of the work makes a very interesting and unusual story.  When hurricane Irma was baring down on Florida I received a call from a man in a town near Sarasota so  I almost want to call this post, “Come Hell or High Water!”. He saw my art in AKC Family Dog Magazine and wanted to commission a portrait of his baby girl, Ms. Charley , an adorable havanese dog.  I was somewhat surprised that he was doing this in the mist of a hurricane, but I just figured he was just determined to commission this portrait and it was something to look forward to receiving after the hurricane.   Shortly there after, I began to work on the portrait and then WE started to have one of the worst and deadliest fire storm disasters in California history.  I was in the  middle of completing Ms. Charley’s portrait!  Fortunately, for us, we did not loose our house, as many others did and we didn’t even have to evacuate which we were packed and ready to depart.  I have say, I did slip the uncompleted art into my bags along with the materials to complete the work for my client even if I were evacuated- as I thought, “Come hell or high water I’m getting this done!”.  My client was very happy with the finished product and it is safely on it’s way to being framed.

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