Lesley Zoromski

Lesley Zoromski

Annabelle the Hounddog in Color Pencil

color pencil bluetick coon hound portrait, custom dog art

(Click Art to Enlarge)

Often times I get to know people in my neighborhood and their dogs.   Annabelle’s owners are not only in the neighborhood, but they also are clients at Dairydell Canine Training Center.  This is where her owners first saw my work and arranged for her portrait.   Bluetick Coon Hounds are not a common breed in Northern California.   Not only do they have a characteristic appearance, but they also have a characteristic sound!  It is said that Bluetick Coon Hounds can be heard up to a mile away when they bay.   Now,  I’m not sure how many of her next door neighbors have an appreciation for this, but at Dairydell we love it and she makes us all smile when she does her special “Annabelle call”.   I thought she was a beautiful dog to use as a subject for a portrait with all of the variety in her coat.  Her personality is as sweet as her appearance.

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2 Responses

  1. Lesley, you captured our “daughter” perfectly!! We are so pleased. This is the look she has when she is really paying attention! This will hang in a treasured spot in our home.

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